CPR/AED First Aid Combo

An injury can happen anywhere and at any time. Don’t you want to be prepared in the case of an emergency situation? CPR & First Aid Training can prepare you with the essential tools and knowledge to save a life at any time.

Take the first step toward safety education with first aid certification. Learn how to identify and respond to an emergency situation and take appropriate steps to making sure the patient’s safety is assured. With first aid certification, you will know the best way to care for bleeding, burns, poisoning, or muscle injuries until emergency professionals arrive.

Review our calendar for the next scheduled CPR/AED First Aid Combo class you’d like to take.

ASHI and MEDIC First Aid support our communities and workplaces with CPR, AED and first aid training. Whether you need to meet regulatory requirements, or take a refresher course, our programs help professionals and bystanders respond quickly in emergency situations.

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